Our Company

Carbonell Inmobiliaria is a company that was founded in 1983 and operates mainly in the real estate intermediate market and manages new and recently developed real estate projects.

The main tasks of Carbonell Inmobiliaria are:

  • • Management of purchases, sales and rentals of all types of properties.
  • • Real estate estimates.
  • • Management of new and recently developed real estate projects.
  • • Processing mortgages and loans for purchasing real estate.
  • • Studying the client's options for access to public aid for the purchasing of housing and the processing thereof.
  • • Advice and help in general, on all matters related to the real estate sector.
  • • Our company is governed by a code of practice, available to the public in all offices, which guarantees the quality and professionalism of our services.
  • • The high expertise of our team, together with the experience accumulated during these last 38 years guarantees a highly qualified and professional service.
    • Carbonell Inmobiliaria is made up of a team of people, among whom are a good number of university graduates and experts in real estate management.

      With more than 25,000 real estate transactions made in the last 38 years guarantees the professional work of this team of experts.

      The latest technology applied to real estate management allows us to have an extensive and complex database of photos and properties for sale and to rent, with computerised graphic documentation that can be viewed on your screen.

Carbonell State agency was founded in 1983, dedicated to buying and selling properties

Activity Area

Tourist information

Our wide scope of work is an area of great touristic interest and has numerous centres for the people who visit them.

There is a large number of places, museums and festivals that represent tourist attractions of international interest, in some cases.

This includes a lot of history in the area that goes back to before the Roman Empire and its diverse variety of food is also something that attracts a great deal of interest.

There are also various tourist information offices in the main cities in the surrounding area.

The main characteristics of this area are:


Rights of our clients

Our clients have the following fundamental rights, a large part is taken from our ethical code among other things such as:

From our position as intermediaries we can not guarantee the motives and goals of all our clients, but we insist that all the real estate operations that we manage have adequate legal coverage, through private contracts or notarial documents, which will allow the misled party, if any, to claim infringement with the responsibilities acquired from the transactions of the client, in case of any eventual irregularity, outside our management. Inmobiliaria Carbonell will ensure the legal security of any transactions at all times.


The costs involved in buying a house

Expenses and taxes that are payable by a buyer in Spain, are those corresponding to the notary, property registration and transfer tax. (10% of sales price)

To know the amount of expenses and taxes that will correspond to the client for the purchase of a house, the amount of approximately 15% of the purchase price will have to be calculated (taxes, notary, registration and commissions).


Our Motto is Clarity:

To guarantee our clients the maximum clarity of our management and the minimum price for the properties that we offer. Carbonell Real Estate does not charge the sales commission to the price of the Property, unlike other agencies. In Carbonell Estate agents buyers pay the agency 3% that is applied to the purchase price, increased with the corresponding taxes. In this way, clients always know how much they pay and who receives that money.

If the customer finally buys a property for a lower price than € 167,000, at a minimum fee of 5,000, - € plus VAT will be applied.